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Here is a current list of items we need for the Commons. Please take a look at the list and complete the form below, stating which items, including the quantity, you would like to donate. We will then email you to confirm your donation details.

Type Item Qty needed Price/item
Fruit trees Plum (replacement) 1 $50.00
Medlar (replacement) 1 $50.00
Pistachio 2 $70.00
Elderberry 1 $20.00
Lemon 1 $50.00
Shrubs & perennial vegetables White currant 2 $10.00
Globe artichoke 3 $10.00
Support plants Acacia 10 $10.00
Russian (sterile) comfrey 25 $10.00
Spearmint 2 $5.00
Garlic chives 2 $5.00
Ground covers Native violets 10 $5.00
Heartsease 3 $5.00
Other Compost 10 $
Forest fines 10 $