Site Location and Analysis

Lyneham Commons is situated on unleased Territory Land behind the Lyneham Primary School adjacent to Sullivans Creek storm water drain. It is a great site for us because:

  • it is accessible along a shared bike/walking path not not on a road
  • it is  very close to the Lyneham shops, the Lyneham Primary School and the Lyneham High School
  • it contains some mature trees along its boundary for shade
  • it slopes gently towards Sullivans Creek
  • it is small enough to be easily manageable but large enough for a small food forest

Analysis of the proposed site shows it to be largely exposed to sun and to winds from the north, highly compacted and lacking capacity to infiltrate and store water. Rain, which tends to fall fairly ‘evenly’ across the year, is not adequate to establish young trees. While it is estimated in average years to support up to 30established trees, crops would be seriously reduced without supplementary water.

There is a gentle slope toward Sullivans creek. The site is currently biologically impoverished, with limited soil life. Structure and fertility of soil is at this time untested and there may be substantial ‘infill’ on parts of the site. Weeds of national significance such as Chilean needle grass and weeds antagonistic to fruit trees, such as couch grass currently grow on the site.

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