What is the Lyneham Commons?

The Lyneham Commons is a non-incorporated community organisation that is open to all who share our vision and objectives and agree to our ‘Agreements for the Commons’

The Lyneham Commons members will works as TAMS volunteers to establish and maintain the proposed Lyneham Food Forest.

Our Vision

To create the Lyneham Commons – a sustainable, perennial, tree-based food garden in Lyneham, with the resources and the effort shared by members.

  1. Agreements for the Commons

We are an open group with shared obligations and opportunities. The Lyneham Commons provides us with opportunities to:

 Become a Friend of the Commons

  • Participate in decision-making as much or little as you desire
  • Contribute to the creation of the Commons as much or as little as you desire
  • Attend harvest events and share the harvest in a generous and equitable way
  • Learn and apply sustainable gardening and water harnessing practices

Participating in Lyneham Commons requires us to accept obligations to:

  • Behave towards all Friends with respect, tolerance and honesty
  • Comply with all health and safety requirements
  • Abide by the principles outlined in the Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS) Volunteer Policy when participating in volunteer activities
  • Accept both guidance, and instructions, from the event leader
  • Take responsibility to raise issues appropriately with the Commoners Group should you see a problem or have a concern.

Our Commoners Group:

  • Is open to all Friends
  • Will behave with respect, tolerance and honesty towards all Friends and each other
  • Will make decisions by consensus
  • Has a Convenor, Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster and at least two additional members
  • Has a representative who is the liaison person with TAMS Place Management
  • Will communicate regularly via its Facebook and Blog sites on all decisions and important activities
  • Will convene general get-togethers on site for all Friend

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