Have you say: Last chance to support the Lyneham Commons Food Forest Proposal

After 18 months of hard work, not just by our group but by Minister Rattenbury, his office and his department, all that stands between us and the  implementation of our dream is a positive outcome on the consultation currently open.  You can help make this happen.

Here is all the informatin that you need.


In 2014 a group of Lyneham residents approached Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS) with a request to transform a small piece of low use public land in their suburb into a food forest for the benefit of the surrounding community. TAMS investigated the request and found the site suitable for a food forest pending wider public support for the proposal.

The proposal

The proposed food forest site is located in Lyneham on unleased Territory land behind the Lyneham Primary School adjacent to Sullivans Creek storm water drain, a short walk from the Lyneham shops.

Click here to view location map

A food forest would be planted on the identified site by local volunteers working with TAMS. Approximately 30 fruit and nut trees, as well as complimentary plants, would be introduced to the site over a couple of years for the shared health, social and environmental benefit and enjoyment of the Lyneham community.

In summary, if the proposal is approved the Lyneham community will see:

  • fruit and nut trees and supporting plants appropriate to the site as it develops
  • healthy fertile soil
  • a habitat for birds, animals and beneficial insects
  • the use of swales (water retaining contours) and, possibly later, a water tank to irrigate the food forest
  • educational signage explaining what is being planted and why as well as how the food forest is working
  • Lyneham residents invited to harvest and share the produce through regular community working bees.

Click here to view planting and landscape plan

Click here to view staging plan

The ACT Government (Sport and Recreation Services) is currently preparing a draft Lyneham Community Precinct Strategy, which focuses on the Lyneham Neighbourhood Oval and its immediate surrounds, to present to the community at a meeting proposed for late May 2015. The Lyneham food forest proposal will be shown in the draft Lyneham Community Precinct Strategy as a possible inclusion. While community engagement activities for the Lyneham food forest will be progressed independently by TAMS, there will continue to be a connection and collaboration across the ACT Government for these projects.

Community engagement

The community is invited to provide feedback on the food forest to determine the level of support for the proposal. To provide feedback please complete the feedback form below.

Click here to complete feedback form

Consultation closes 5 pm Monday 8 June 2015.

Next steps

Following feedback from the community the ACT Government will make a final decision about the Lyneham food forest. If approved, initial tree plantings will commence in July 2015 and residents will be invited to get involved in the project.

And here is the feedback form

One thought on “Have you say: Last chance to support the Lyneham Commons Food Forest Proposal

  1. Reblogged this on Seed Head Design and commented:
    Hi guys, I hope that everyone is enjoying their Autumn harvests as we move into winter. Veronica and I have been enjoying lots of Ugni (Chilean Guava) and a great variety of Apple known as Limonero which is yellow and slightly acidic like a Lemon.

    If you haven’t heard, there is very exciting news from Canberra which is that the community group who got together with myself and Cam Wilson in February 2014 to look at designing a community Food Forest have had their design approved and it is pending full approval from the ACT government. If you have a chance, have a look at the plans and design and let the ACT government know you think that community Forest Gardens are a great project and weigh in with any ideas you’ve got about it. I’ll be telling the story of this community design over the coming months so stay tuned. Happy Gardening.


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