Forest Garden City: What a Forest Garden is and how they could change the urban environment

Here is a great TEDx talk that from Dan Harris-Pascal that: gives some global, historical information on food forests, outlines why growing sustainable food forest systems in urban spaces is so critical for our food security future and talk about Canberra as an ideal location for this.

Lets just hope ACT Government can find a way make the process for setting up spaces like our Lyneham Commons Project clear and accessible. After all its goal and vision are consistent with so many of their policies.

Seed Head Design

Last month, I had the great privilege to get up in front of a larger crowd than I had ever spoke to before. The occasion was TEDx Canberra 2014 where I had been invited to speak on Forest Gardening. It was a great day and I really enjoyed the opportunity to present on a topic that I am passionate about and also to see all the other great speakers on the day.

On stage at TEDx Canberra. On stage at TEDx Canberra. Image courtesy of TEDx Canberra.

As I developed my ideas for my presentation I decided that I did not want to only present on the theories of Forest Gardening but rather try and show people that it is a technique that is based on working examples from the past which can provide for our needs in the future. Please enjoy the video of the talk below and let me know if you have…

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