First Meeting of Friends of Lyneham Commons

Today we invited all the friends of Lyneham Commons to an update meeting at Tilleys. Over a dozen people turned up – pretty good considering it was pouring.

Anne-Marie Delahunt provided an update about what progress has been made and the next steps in the development process as follows

(in brief)
– We have met with ACT Government Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS) on 2 separate occasions. This has enabled us to: refine the concept and clarify what documents need to form part of our formal application.
– We have almost completed all of the documentation required. We have completed a concept paper, a preliminary garden design plan, our water plan, Project plan and Governance paper. We are currently finalising our risk management strategy and still need to develop a consultation survey and paper for the community consultation process.

One of the very important outcomes of our engagement with them is that they are now able to confirm that no other ACT group or organisation has any plans for the site we have in mind. This means that as long as we ca meet there requirements we will be able to secure a licence to manage the public space we have in mind.

– We have collected over 70 names of people who are interested in supporting the project or just staying in touch with it.

– We have had a preliminary meeting with the Lyneham Primary school principal and will make plans to have a follow up meeting with them soon and an initial meeting with Lyneham High School.

– We have had an initial meeting with Northside Community Services (NCS) Inc about the possibility of them auspicing our project. At this stage this appears to be consistent with their role and a follow up meeting to formalise arrangements is being scheduled.

Next steps
-Formalise auspicing arrangements with NCS
-Develop the consultation paper
-Submit the application and consultation documents to TAMS
continue t consult with schools neighbouring Body Corporates and other relevant organisation
-improve our communication strategy
-develop a fundraising strategy – for water infrastructure, land preparation and plants

Thanks to all who are time to meet with us. And don’t forget, if you are interested in being on the working group you will be warmly welcomed. You just have to let us know.

from Meg Clark
Lyneham Commons Working Group

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